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The holiday season in the USA can be a great period to boost your USA Facebook likes marketing campaigns. If you’re thinking about making the best out of holiday periods, you could consider the Facebook marketing tips to be discussed in this article. If you can follow these tips, you’re likely to expand your real estate brand visibility and optimize your marketing campaigns during the holiday season.

Set up a Calendar Containing Important Dates In Real Estate

You can easily boost your sales during the holiday season by being conversant with important dates such as Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Christmas, Small Business Saturday, etc. Bear in mind that these are the days shopping activities thrive best. Build warm leads at this time and if you are a Canadian Realtor than try out a professional Canadian social media marketing company.

Think about the holidays you would like to give some social media coverage. Then stay updated with these holidays using a spreadsheet. Also, ensure you create and schedule important posts in preparation for such holidays.

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Enhance Your Holiday Posts with Visual Elements

Bear in mind that USA Facebook contents easily capture people’s attention when featured with lovely visual elements such as videos, images and animated GIFs. So, it will make much sense that your holiday posts convey some of these visual elements. During year-end periods, the news feeds of some Facebook users often get overwhelmed with holiday posts. If you want your holiday posts to stand out among the myriads of posts that will pop up in users’ news feeds, try to enhance them with captivating visual elements.

Tell Your Realtor Story On Facebook

Have you ever told your likes about how you began your brand and those who have contributed to its success? Well, you could take advantage of the holiday season to do that. Some of your fans –most especially the loyal ones –would like to read a story about your brand. Meanwhile, you can just dedicate one of your year-end posts to telling your fans how you founded your brand long time ago.

Present Your Fans with Facebook Offers

Giving out Facebook offers –especially during the holiday season –is a proven way to tell your fans that you appreciate their patronage. If you’re keen to present your audience with incentives, discounts or special bundles, Facebook makes it convenient through its Offer option. To use this option, navigate to your status bar and select Offer. Select In-Store or Online from the subsequent options. The next page will present you an “Offer Type’’ list. You’ll have to choose your preferred offer type from a few alternatives including Free Stuff, Amount Off, Get One, Buy One and Percent Off.